Dwyer Rma-5, Series Rm Rate-Master Flowmeter

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Dwyer, RMA-5, Series RM Rate-Master Flowmeter, 1-10 SCFH Air, No Valve Polycarbonate The Rate-Master® Flowmeter line of direct reading precision flowmeters incorporates many unique user features at moderate cost

All mounting hardware plus installation and operating instructions are included

Approvals RoHS Letter of Compliance

Cleaning is easy - To release the plastic flowmeter body from the stainless steel backbone, just remove four screws

Construction assures accuracy - All Rate-Master 174 flowmeter bodies are injection molded of tough, clear, shatter-proof polycarbonate plastic around a precision tapered pin

Easy to read design - The direct reading scales eliminate troublesome conversions

Easy-to-Interchange bodies - Within a given Series Rate-Master 174 flowmeter bodies can be instantly interchanged

Interchangeability is useful where different scale ranges are sometimes required at the same location in the laboratory or plant

It's that simple

O-rings provide a tight seal on inlet and outlet

Pipe thread flow connections remain undisturbed

Piping remains undisturbed

Remove the slide cover and the plug ball stop, clean the flow tube with soap and water and reassemble

Simply unplug the body from backbone and replace it with another

Special integral flow guides stabilize the float throughout the range to keep it from hunting or wandering in the bore

Surface mounted units can also be held in place by the piping

The float is highly visible against a white background

The result is accurate and repeatable readings

The scales are brushed aluminum, coated with epoxy and the graduations are on both sides of the indicating tube

The single piece plastic body is mounted to a stainless steel back bone into which pipe thread inserts are welded to absorb piping torque.The small Series RMA models are accurate within 177 4 of full scale reading Installation is simple - The Rate-Master 174 flowmeter can be neatly through-panel mounted to keep flow tube centers in the same plane as the panel surface or surface mounted on the panel by means of tapped holes in the backbone

These low cost flowmeters are ideal for general use

When through-panel mounted, the bezel automatically positions the instrument at the correct depth in the panel cutout